About Us

Bowness Health Food is family owned and operated since 1990. Bowness Health Food was the brainchild of Albert Wood. Albert was a well known local business man who prided himself on always providing the best service for the best price. When he had a rather bad experience at a health store he decided to take matters into his own hands and to start his own store where people could go to get quality health food products at a great price along with great advice. In 1989 his idea started to take shape and by 1990 himself and his granddaughter Tabatha Wood were open for business. Between his excellent business skills and her love for people Bowness Health Food thrived and by 1993 had expanded twice already and were ready to move into a newer much larger space. Around the same time Dedrah Wood, Albert’s other granddaughter, while still in high school started that same year and health, wellness and helping people quickly became her passion. So much so that she never left and is still helping and encouraging people to meet there own health and wellness goals today.